Welcome to Etaler’s documentation!

Etaler in an high-performance implementation of Numenta’s HTM algorithms in C++. It is diesigned to be used in real world applications and research projects.

Etaler provides:

  • HTM algorithms with modern API
  • A minimal cross-platform (CPU, GPU, etc..) Tensor implementation

Etaler requires a modern C++ compiler supporting C++17. The following C++ compilers are supported

  • On Windows, Visual C++2019 or better
  • On Unix systems, GCC 8.2 or a recent version of clang


Etaler is licensed under BSD 3-Clause License. So use it freely!

Be aware that Numenta holds the rights to HTM related patents. And only allows free (as “free beers” free) use of their patents for non-commercial purpose. If you are using Etaler commercially; please contact Numenta for licensing. (tl;dr Etaler is free for any purpose. But HTM is not for commercial use.)

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